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Alexander Rubanowitz – NCAA D1 Infielder with Swedish Citizenship Seeking European Club for 2018

Alex Rubanowitz is an experienced middle infielder out of Southern California. As a Swedish citizen, Alex would be a very valuable addition to many EU clubs since he would not count as an import player. He has experience playing at a very high level with UC Riverside in the Big West Conference. During his summers, in between college seasons, Alex played in the competitive West Coast League and the Alaskan Baseball League.

After graduating from UC Riverside with a degree in marketing, Alex received offers to play professional independent ball in America. But in his second to last game of the 2015 season, an opposing player slid into second during a double play and broke his leg. After recovering, Alex got an opportunity to play in Australia for the Ipswich Muskateers in the Queensland state league. Following the season, he received yet another opportunity to play professionally in the Pecos League for the Roswell Invaders. Unfortunately, midway through the Australian season, Alex broke his hamate bone while taking batting practice. He received surgery in April of 2017 and is now looking to finish his baseball career traveling the world and doing what he loves. He is back to 100% healthy and is looking to use his Swedish citizenship to play in Europe.



 Date of birth: July 29, 1993

 Birthplace / Current Residence: Woodland Hills, CA USA / West Hills, CA USA

 Passports held: USA and Sweden

 Dual Citizenship: Yes

 Height and weight: 6’1″/190 lbs 

Bats / Throws: Left/Right 

Primary position(s): Shortstop, 3rd Base, 2nd Base, 1st Base

Secondary position(s): Relief pitcher / Closer, OF


Education: BS in Business Marketing at UC Riverside 

Hobbies and Interests: Going to the beach, gym, and playing sports 

Post baseball career plans: Get into the marketing world, possibly get masters in marketing 

Relationship status: Single and free to travel the world 

Recent injuries or illnesses: Broke hamate bone in March 2017, had surgery in April 2017, now back to 100%


College Baseball:

2012-15: UC Riverside, NCAA D1 – Big West Conference


Summer Baseball:

2012: Cowlitz Black Bears, West Coast League

2013: Alaska Gold Panners, Alaskan Baseball League

2014:  Kenai Peninsula Oilers, Alaskan Baseball League


International Baseball:

2015-16: Ipswich Musketeers, Queensland State League – Australia



2012: 1st Team All-League SS, West Coast League

2013: 1st Team All-League 1B and All-Star, Alaskan Baseball League

2014: All-Star, Alaskan Baseball League


Coaching Experience:

2016: Pierce College, Junior College, Assistant Coach/Infield Coach


2012 Riverside 90 22 5 0 0 9 9 9 2 1 1 0.244 0.324 0.300
2012 Cowlitz 106 24 3 0 0 7 14 10 1 0 0 0.226 0.299 0.255
2013 Riverside 148 37 5 1 1 21 15 17 3 4 1 0.250 0.337 0.318
2013 Alaska 92 21 1 0 4 11 15 7 3 7 0 0.228 0.304 0.370
2014 Riverside 57 9 0 0 0 5 3 8 0 2 1 0.158 0.258 0.158
2014 Peninsula 134 38 7 1 1 23 18 15 1 4 3 0.284 0.353 0.373
2015 Riverside 132 31 6 1 1 12 14 8 3 0 2 0.235 0.290 0.318
2016 Ipswich 70 20 7 1 0 16 9 9 1 3 1 0.286 0.370 0.414
Total 829 202 34 4 7 104 97 83 14 21 9 0.244 0.320 0.320



Bryson LeBlanc, UC Riverside, Assistant Coach,

As a teammate, Alex was/is second to none. He loved his teammates and they loved him. He was one of the first guys to the park and one of the last ones to leave, every single day. Alex was part of a group that was at the field hitting by noon and still hitting well past 6pm when practice was over. He will bring a work ethic to any club that is second to none. Never did we have to worry about Alex off the field. We knew he would, and he always did, do the right thing. He always put his team and teammates ahead of himself.

As a player, alex has a sweet left handed stroke. When he is on, Alex owns the left center field gap to right center field gap along with pull side pop. Alex has the arm strength to play all four infield position but is better suited for the corners and second base. He can handle the bat as good as anyone when it comes to moving a guy over, bunting a man over, hit and run, or slashing a guy over. Therefore, he can be an ideal two hole for anyone. He may not run as much as you would like you two hole to be able to but skill wise he can do it. If not in the two hole, I would see him as a 5-7 type guy.

Finally, I would say Alex is a smart baserunner. Unfortunately, that is being lost in our game today. He knows when to push the envelope and go 1st to 3rd and is good at reading ball in the dirt. I would not consider him a base stealing threat but I would say his knowledge and instincts on the bases are above average.

Please let me know if you need anything else from me. I am not exactly sure if this is what you wanted. If I need to go into greater detail about anything, please let me know. Any club would be lucky to have him on their team.


John Elliott, Quakes Baseball Academy, Owner,



 Alex is looking for a team in Europe for the 2018 season who can offer flights, accommodations, and a salary to cover living expenses. He is open to hearing all offers.



Phone/WhatsApp: +1(818)808-9316

Facebook: Alex Rubanowitz


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