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Andrew Kropf: Former Detroit Tiger and Vanderbilt star with overseas coaching experience

Andrew Kropf is a former minor league catcher and corner infielder with the Detroit Tigers (Rk; AAA)  who has 8 years of coaching experience, which includes the operation of his own baseball clinic in Atlanta. Andy also was the head coach of the Gauting Indians in 2010, which at the time were competing in the German Bundesliga 1 and made a playoff run, recording their best season in the history of the club.

Andy is a graduate of Vanderbilt University of the Southeastern Conference, regarded as the strongest conference in NCAA I baseball. In his senior year at Vanderbilt, Andy  was named co-captain, a strong testament the leadership qualities that he possesses.  Also during his college years Andy was nominated to the All-Star team in two of the top ranked summer collegiate baseball leagues, the Cape Cod League and the Northwoods League.

When asked about his reasoning to restart a coaching career overseas Andy referred to a quote by Mark Twain:

“Travel is the enemy of bigotry, prejudice, and narrow mindedness”.   

Andy on his approach to coaching a team of men overseas who hold down full-time jobs, families, etc, making commitment challenging at times.

“In this scenario, the best thing you can do as a coach is find a way to allow players to succeed in the places they are already proficient and teach the team to succeed based on understanding the game and executing it.  From my experience in Germany, players can’t always get the repetitions to be GREAT hitters, but they can all be 20% better than they were with coaching and reps.  Additionally, teams can make strides quickly by executing bunt plays, hit and runs, and throwing the ball to the right base.  Additionally, I believe in forcing other teams to make mistakes by creating pressure on them to make throws, and make plays.  So we will bunt, steal bases, and put the ball in play.  If a team’s batting average goes up by 20% and the team executes more times than not, it will result in a better record.  Often, a team’s season is decided by less than 2 or 3 wins through the course of the year.  If you can gain an edge in a few areas, you can turn the tide of making or missing the playoffs.”

Any club seeking a coach who brings with him the experience of playing at a high level and a taste of coaching overseas is encouraged to reach out to Andy with any questions.


Date of birth: 07/19/1978

Birthplace / Current Residence: North Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee

Passports held: USA

Education: BA Human and Organizational Development, Vanderbilt University

Hobbies and Interests: Sing, write, run, hike, play tennis

Relationship status: Single and free to travel the world


Playing Experience

1997-2000: Vanderbilt University, Southeastern Conference (NCAA I)

2000-2003: Detroit Tigers (Rk; AAA)



2000: Named co-captain, Vanderbilt University

1999: All-Star team, Cape Cod League

1999: Hit .322 with 6 HR in his junior at Vanderbilt

1997: All-Star team, Northwoods League

1997: Outstanding Catcher, Rochester Honkers, Northwoods League


Coaching Experience

2001-2008: FasTrack Baseball Clinics (owner)

2005-2008: East Cobb Baseball Summer Program (High School Age)

2010: Gauting Indians in 1st Bundesliga in Germany



2005-2008: Multiple players from East Cobb Baseball went on to play college baseball

2010: First time in club history (Gauting) competing for a playoff berth, missing by one game


Mike Doyle – General Manager of the East Cobb Cobras. Email:

Sebastian Seiguer – Former General Manager, Gauting Indians. Email: None

Joe Whitney – Player-Coach, Darmstadt Whippets (Germany). Email:

Andrew Berglund – MLB Envoy Coach, Former National Team Coach of the Czech Republic, France and South Africa. Email:


Andy has a unique situation whereby he can make his own schedule (professional musician) and has a friend who is a Delta pilot who will allow him to use one or two buddy passes per year. Thus, he can cover my own flight cost. He would like a place to stay, a train pass, and a salary which can be negotiated based on the scope of work and the location of the job.

Andy is available in the spring of 2018, but has a couple weeks of obligations in late May and early June requiring him fly back to the U.S., of which he would finance all flights expenses. He would then be available for the rest of the summer and into the fall.



Phone/Whatsapp: +1(404) 408-0012



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