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Benjamin Miller – RHP/OF with Overseas Experience Seeking Cub for 2018 Season

Benjamin Miller is a RHP/ Outfielder who was born in Koror, Palau. Ben played college baseball at La Sierra University where he transitioned from an outfielder to a pitcher. Ben appeared in 19 games for the Golden Eagles and struck out 19 batters in 14.0 innings. Prior to La Sierra, Ben played at Mendocino Community College where he was an outfielder for the Eagles.

In 2016, Ben received an opportunity to play with the Rohrbach Crazy Geese in Austria. He ranked 4th in the league with 46 strikeouts in only 20 innings, and had a 2.1o era. After one season in Europe, Ben received an offer to play in Australia for the Pakenham Pumas near Melbourne. He made the All-Star team in for his league which led to yet another opportunity to play in Europe. In the summer of 2017, Ben played in France for the Chartres Cubs. After playing for two years straight without rest, Ben decided to take this winter off to recover for next season. He is looking for a team in Europe for the 2018 season who can cover flights, accommodations, and a salary to cover living expenses.


D.O.B.: October 11th, 1993

Height: 5 foot 11 inches / 180.33cm

Weight: 185lbs / 83.9kg

Birthplace: Koror, Palau

Current Residency: Riverside, California

Throws/Bats: R/R

Positions: RHP/SS/3B


Education: AA Degree from Mendocino Community College / Bachelors degree in Sociology from La Sierra University.

Hobbies & Interests: Avid traveler and very involved in all sports, specifically baseball. Also plays piano as and stays as active as possible.

Favorite Quote: “I’m not out there sweating for three hours every day just to find out what it feels like to sweat.”-Michael Jordan

Relationship Status: Single and free to travel the world.

Injuries: None.

Post-Baseball Plans: Plans to finish his bachelors degree while pursuing his baseball career.


Playing Experience

2012-2014: Mendocino College (Bay Valley Conference)

2015: Stillman College (SIAC-Divison 2)

2016: La Sierra University (CalPac-NAIA)

2016: Rohrbach Crazy Geese (Austria Division II)

2016-17: Pakenham Pumas (Victorian State League DIII)

2017: Chartres French Cubs (French Division II)


Coaching Experience

Coached 9-10 year old little league team for 1 season. During this season Ben helped organize and run team practice with 12-15 kids. As well as help instruct during games.

Pitching Coach of the Rohrbach Crazy Geese



2013 MCC 17 5 2 0 0 2 2 0 2 0 0 0.294 0.368 0.412
2014 MCC 68 13 6 0 0 5 7 10 3 0 1 0.191 0.317 0.279
2016 Rohrbach 18 7 2 0 1 12 7 7 2 1 1 0.389 0.571 0.667
2017 Pakenham 65 28 6 0 2 21 24 12 6 14 4 0.431 0.529 0.615
2017 Chartres 86 28 4 1 0 30 7 16 4 9 1 0.326 0.449 0.395
Total 254 81 20 1 3 70 47 45 17 24 7 0.319 0.443 0.441



2016 La Sierra 5.68 19 21 14 21 0 18 12 0 1 1 2.21
2016 Rohrbach 2.25 20 11 46 17 0 7 5 3 1 0 1.40
2017 Pakenham 3.24 41.66 24 76 38 6 25 15 5 0 0 1.49
2017 Chartres 5.40 10 11 15 11 1 16 6 0 3 0 2.20
Total 3.77 90.66 67 151 87 7 66 38 8 5 1 1.70



Gabe Gamboa (Head Coach La Sierra University):

Ben is an outstanding person and a teammate. I can definitely vouch from him on the character side of things. As far as work ethic he’s top notch. He’s a gym rat and a high energy guy on the field. On top of that he has a high baseball IQ.

His stats were obviously not the greatest but the guy has really good stuff. His fastball is anywhere from 84-88 mph. He also has a really sharp slider. He has the ability to play next level baseball.

Ben was an outfielder with a plus arm and just recently converted to a pitcher only. In fact, I recruited him out of his junior college (Mendocino jc) so he has limited innings and a very fresh arm. I really think he could bring value.

Thomas Soffried (Head Coach Rohrbach Crazy Geese):

I am pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Ben Miller.
Ben is an outstanding person and teammate. He is very supportive and has a great sense of
humor. I enjoyed every moment of having him as a member of the team.
From the very first moment on, he was spreading team spirit on and off the field. He is showing his
attitude to the game at every single moment.
On the field he played several positions, but his main part was to pitch. He has such a strong arm.
His fastball was outstanding and his slider was breaking very sharp. He was dominating Austrian
batters because he has really good stuff.
As far as work ethic he was always in a leading role. He is a gym rat and a high energy guy on the
field and he definitely transfers this energy to the other guys as well. On top of that he is a very
smart person, he knows the game very well and is always ahead of the situation.
We were very happy to have him supporting our youth players, because he brought so much
knowledge about the game and especially about pitching with him.
I highly recommend him without reservation.


Ben is looking for a club in Europe for the 2018 season. He would like flights, accommodations, and a small salary to cover living expenses. He is open to hearing all offers.



Phone/Whatsapp: +1(707)621-0453

Facebook: Ben Miller



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