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The International Baseball Community has verified the information within these profiles to be truthful and belonging to the coach. The International Baseball Community does not guarantee a certain level of performance of the coaches listed here and in most cases has not witnessed the coach perform first hand. It is recommended that baseball clubs interested in acquiring the services of any coach listed on this website to do their own due diligence or use our scouting service to help evaluate and determine if candidates are the right fit for their club. For more information about our scouting service please visit

Thomas Signore – 17 years coaching in the minors, 6 years college seeking longer term overseas fit, possible national team work

Signore cover

Tom Signore has been a professional baseball coach for over 22 years at the collegiate level and within affiliated baseball. In the early 90’s he spent 6 years coaching at every level of collegiate baseball in the U.S. with stops at Onondaga Community College, Flagler College, Quinnipiac College and Western Connecticut State University. Tom got his first affiliated coaching gig in 1997…

Tim Crow – Experienced Head Coach with College and Professional Experience; 11 Championships

Tim Crow

Tim Crow is a highly qualified coach who has experience playing and coaching at every level of the game from youth to professional baseball. He grew up in Flint, Michigan but currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona where he has coached a number of teams and players around the area over the past decade. Tim has an old school,…

Chris Van Rossum – Former AA Player with EU passport seeking player-coaching or coaching job

Rossum cover

Chris Van Rossum is a former professional outfielder who spent 6 years in affiliated baseball (Rk-AA) between the San Francisco Giants, Arizona Diamondbacks and Cincinnati Reds and another 8 years playing independent baseball before retiring and taking up coaching. Now, at the age of 42, he is looking to take his coaching career overseas and is…

Alex Hawley – Certified Coach & MLB scout who is still actively pitching

Hawley cover

Upon graduating from the University of Guelph (Gryphons) in 2009, Alex stayed on as a bench and pitching coach with the Gryphons after the current coach was fired. He worked alongside his friend Matt Griffen as together they tried to rebuild this last place team into a winning program. It wouldn’t take long for the team to…

Jeremy Berger: President/Founder/Head Coach for the University of South Florida St. Petersburg Baseball Team; Can Pitch and Play Infield

Jeremy Berger

Jeremy Berger has proven himself to be a very successful head coach with a great baseball mind. He played one season at Illinois Tech before transferring to the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. Upon transferring to USFSP, Jeremy quickly realized that they did not have any athletic programs. Almost immediately, he created the first baseball team in…

Adam Koontz: Established college coach ( Signed for 2017 summer)

Adam Koontz

Adam signed to coach in Austria.  Adam Koontz is currently the pitching coach for Holy Names University in Oakland, California. HNU is a new baseball program that competes in the NCAA DII PacWest Conference, one of the top DII conferences on the West Coast. Adam has been coaching there for the past four years and has accomplished quite a bit.…

Aaron Flood – Canadian Coach looking for international club, willing to pay for flights.


Aaron Flood is a Canadian resident who is looking to take his coaching career overseas. Aaron has been consistently coaching since 2011 where he started his career as a player coach for the St. Francis University X-Men. After his time at St. Francis, Aaron moved on to be a coach in the Okotoks baseball program…

Steve Oleschuk – Head Coach and Pro Scout with over 45 years of experience in Canada and EU.


Steve Oleschuk is a Head Coach from Montreal, QC Canada. Steve has 20 years of playing experience and over 45 years of coaching time, ranging anywhere from amateur baseball in Canada, to National level competition, and even as high as Professional Scout for MLB. While most of his coaching career has been spent in Canada, Steve has valuable…

Ty Eriksen: MLB Scout and International Coach (SIGNED FOR 2016-2017 WINTER)

Ty Eriksen

Ty signed to coach in Australia for the 2016-2017 winter.    Ty Eriksen is a well-established international coach who has many successful years of playing and coaching overseas. He is currently playing for the Munich-Haar Disciples in Germany, but has played in Hungary, Switzerland, and Israel as well. He has won batting titles, all-star selections, and was a…

Devery van de Keere – Experienced player-coach including MLB International


In 2007 Devery Van De Keere was Co-Captain of the Ragin’ Cajuns of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and a draftee of the Kansas City Royals. He spent two years playing Rookie Ball for the Idaho Falls Chukars while also volunteering at the local YMCA organizing and conducting an after-school program for underprivileged children. …

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