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Category Archives: Verified Infielders

The International Baseball Community has verified the information within these profiles to be truthful and belonging to the athlete. The International Baseball Community does not guarantee a certain level of performance of the athletes and in most cases has not witnessed the athlete perform first hand. It is recommended that baseball clubs interested in acquiring the services of any athlete listed on this website to do their own due diligence or use our scouting service to help evaluate and determine if candidates are the right fit for their club. For more information about our scouting service please visit

Joe Mendez – D3 All American 1B

Joe Mendez is a 6’2 225 pound 1B from St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn, NY. Joe is arguable the greatest hitter in St. Joeseph’s College history¬†ranking at least top 5 all time at his school in home runs, doubles, RBI, at bats, games played, on base percentage and slugging percentage. After a tremendous senior season,…

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