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Chris Kuno – Passionate Coach Who Can Pitch If Needed


Chris is a right handed pitcher who is seeking the opportunity to coach/play overseas.  He has played competitively in Canada and has grown into a player who has a passion to coach the game as well as play it.

Chris recently signed on with the SECA Academy in Shanghai, China to work with children aged 6-12 from September 2016 until mid-March 2017. Here is a video of his experience and a great introduction to Chris is as a person.

Additionally, Chris is a nationally certified coach through Baseball Canada and also has vast amount of experience coaching youths 14-18 years of age. He is able to manage baseball specific workout programs for different age groups.

Chris’ goal is to join a club where he could become a staple in their development process.  Chris also has the ability to help out on the mound if needed.  Overall, Chris would be a great addition to a club in need of a passionate and knowledgeable youth coach willing to do what it takes to bring their club to the next level.



D.O.B.: 11/20/1994

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 180 lbs

Birthplace: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Throws/Bats: R/R

Positions: Starting Pitcher



College: University of Calgary

Education: Geography Major

Hobbies & Interests: Chris has traveled to over 40 countries and enjoys playing hockey, coaching, playing guitar, exploring, and camping

Relationship Status: Single

Recent Injuries: None



Playing Experience

2014-2016: University of Calgary

2015: Amsterdam Bombers, Collegiate Baseball League Europe

Coaching Experience

October 2016 to present: SECA Academy, Shanghai China

2014-present: The Absolute Baseball Academy (ages 5-11), Calgary (Canada)

2016 spring: Assistant coach, Jr. Dinos, The Absolute Baseball Academy



2014 Pitching (University of Calgary):

Kuno 2014



2015 Pitching and Batting (Amsterdam Bombers):

kuno 2015 2016 Pitching (University of Calgary)



Colin Moro (UC Dino’s Head Coach) –

Chris’ work ethic on and off the field is a great example of how to be a leader.  His knowledge of the game raises everyday, which is a big reason why he can perform the way he does on the mound.  He is not the hardest thrower but his ability to move the ball around the zone helps him get hitters out.

Jeff Aker (UC Dino’s Strength and Conditioning Coach –

I had the pleasure of working with Chris Kuno throughout his time with the U of C’s Baseball program and truly admire the work ethic he brought on/off the field.  In my role working with Chris as a strength and conditioning coach he was extremely dedicated and coachable from the very beginning and was able to make significant progress as a result.  This translated into his evolution as a strong leader for the Dinos on the field as well as in the weight room.  Chris is wise beyond his years and would be a great addition to any team setting.


Chris is looking for a club for the 2017 summer.  He is able to pay for his own flights.  He is also willing to work if the club can help him find a job. He is available as of mid-March 2017.




Phone/Whatsapp: +1 778 242 5866





The International Baseball Community has verified the background and statistics of this athlete as well as contacted the listed references to confirm character and abilities. Therefore all information within the profile has been verified by a source who knows the athlete. The International Baseball Community does not guarantee a certain level of performance of this athlete and in most cases has not witnessed the athlete compete first hand. It is recommended that baseball clubs interested in acquiring the services of this athlete do their own due diligence in determining if this athlete is the right fit.

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