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Chris Sims – Experienced player-coach with British passport. Open to coaching only role as well

Chris Sims has been a long term presence in the line up of the Port Adelaide Magpies of the highly competitive South Australian Baseball League and has dawned the uniform of the British National team for numerous EU competitions, utilizing his dual Citizenship with Great Britain. Since 2016, Chris has taken over as player-coach of the Magpies and found immediate success by leading his team to the SABL championship for the 2016-2017 season.

From 2001 to 2004 Chris got his feet wet as the head coach of an Australian high school touring team. This ignited his passion for coaching and although he only recently assumed the role as player-coach for the Magpies, Chris has always been a leader on the team in a supporting role to the coaching staff.

Throughout his playing career Chris and his fellow Magpies have achieved a lot of success in the SABL which Chris attributes to an environment that promotes hard work with team values, an environment of which Chris played a large role in creating.

“The personal and team success which I have enjoyed in my baseball career to date reflects my strong communication, organisation and dedication to the teams I play for and manage. I pride myself on my ability to drive team values and communication and develop a culture of hard work and success. The values set are player driven, giving them ownership of the standards they have set for themselves and their teammates. I find this to be extremely important given the inconsistency of availability of players sometimes due to work and family.”

Since taking over as player-coach, Chris has not tried to reinvent the wheel, remaining with this same approach by introducing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) as motivators which induce friendly internal competition.

“As a manager I have a very specific set of in-game KPI’s which the entire squad works towards, these KPI’s ensure messaging to players is consistent. The KPI’s also deliver some friendly internal competition between hitters and pitchers which in turn develops a strong culture. I have a hunger for coaching and to develop elite programs no matter what the level and I strive to create a hard working but fun environment for my players.”

Also, Chris has a strong track record of recruiting dominant import players to help the Magpies field a championship calibre team year-after-year.

Any club seeking a head coach or a player-coach (corner IF, 2B) who is familiar with coaching competitive men’s baseball in an environment where the players struggle to balance their personal lives with their passion for the game, is encouraged to reach out to Chris with any expressions of interest.


Date of birth: 02/23/1982

Birthplace / Current Residence: Australia

Passports held: Australia & Great Britain

Education: High School

Hobbies and Interests: Family, travel, golf

Relationship status: Has a spouse and children who he wants to bring along for baseball abroad

Position(s): 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base


Playing Experience

2000-Present: Port Adelaide Magpies, South Australian Baseball League

2011, 2013, 2014: Great Britain National Team


Coaching Experience 

2016-Current: Head Coach, Port Adelaide Magpies (South Australian Baseball League)

  • Game day lineup composition and in game management.
  • Recruitment of import players and negotiation of contracts and terms.
  • Development of training programs including skill development and in game strategy practice.
  • Elite junior talent identification and integration.
  • Communication and collaboration with club management.

2001-2004: Head Coach, Seaton High School Touring Team (Adelaide, Australia)



  • 1 x SABL “Team of The Year” (2B)
  • 4 x SABL All Star Games
  • 11 Straight SABL Playoff Appearances
  • 5 x SABL Championship Series (1 as Manager, lost in 3rd game of best of three)
  • 2 x Championships
  • SA Claxton Shield Squad – 2001/02 & 2002/03


Justin Prinstein – Baltimore Orioles Scout, International Veteran player and coach. Email:

“Chris Sims is an exceptional baseball professional who I highly recommend for any coaching position. Chris has excelled in Australia and abroad as a very productive hitter and defender for many years and has found a niche in teaching, strategy, and communicating in order to get players to play at their full potential and all while winning games. He excels in both player development and coaching winning baseball teams. He’s a true student of the game and not too rigid to adapt to new techniques and information, all while, he’s committed to his process and extremely well organized in running a baseball team and organization. His experience in recruiting top international talent, putting a potent lineup together, working with off-the-field personnel and understanding the intricacies of the game is unmatched with any coach I’ve met to this date. He’s young enough to relate to the up-and-coming generation of players and also experienced enough to relate to the oldest players in an organization. He’s smart, passionate, a winner, and a true leader. Chris would be an asset to any organization that wishes to employ him to coach their baseball team and run their organization from top to bottom.”

Nathan Davison – General Manager, Adelaide Bite of the Australian Baseball League. Email


Chris is looking to have his flights paid, accommodations provided, and a small salary to cover his living expenses. He is available as of late March, 2018 through September 2018. 



Phone/Whatsapp: +1 (042) 958-4004



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