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David Kaczmarczyk – CoachUp #4 Ranked Coach in the Nation seeking low division EU club. Can still play

David Kaczmarczyk is a 43 year old baseball coach looking to help a second or third division European club that is struggling with their youth program that could also use a player-coach for their men’s team. He actually prefers a bottom place team for the challenge of bringing their club up the ranks in the standings. He is known for producing quick results, especially with younger, inexperienced players.

In the fall of 2016 David took a coaching position in China with the SECA Academy in Shanghai where he was working with children aged 6-12 over a 5 week period. A coach at the SECA Academy had this to say about David:

“Dave is incredibly talented at working with the kids, was able to coach efficiently despite the English-Chinese language barrier.”

David has experience coaching as an assistant at the high school level and as a player-coach on his men’s league team in Orlando. David is regarded as the top private baseball coach in Florida at Upon reading the numerous testimonials from his clients, it is apparent that he is very good with kids and has a lot of patience and baseball knowledge. He is also an instructor for Phoenix Bats.

In total, David has 10 years private instruction experience, 1 year high school coaching experience, 5+ years of Little League coaching experience, and 2 years college experience. In addition, he has 3 years personal training experience specializing in plyometrics, weight training and Crossfit. As of July 2017, David claims to be in the best shape of his life due to a strict diet of crossfit. Although coaching is his focus, he feels he can help out a lot as a player if needed.


Name: David Kaczmarczyk

DOB: 12/01/1973

Born: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. USA

Current residency: Celebration Florida, USA

Height: 6 ft. 2.5 in. (190 cm)

Weight: 205 lb. (93 kg)

Throws/Bats: R/R

Positions: LF/C/1B


Education: Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Central Florida. Independent study of the Japanese language and culture.

Hobbies and Interests: coming soon!

Relationship Status: Single and free to travel the world coaching the game he loves.

Coaching  Philosophy: coming soon!

Recent Injuries or Illnesses: In the winter of 2015-2016 David underwent Chemotherapy for cancer which is now in remission.


Coaching experience

Oct.-Nov. 2016: SECA Academy, Shanghai China

2013-Current: Coachup Inc. – Professional Baseball Coach Private and Team instruction

2010 – 2015: Assistant Coach of Orlando Red Sox USSSA

1996-1997: Assistant Coach of Osceola High School JV baseball

Coaching article on David


Playing experience

2010 – Present: Orlando Red Sox USSSA

2009-2010: Tampa Black Sox, National Extreme Baseball League (NXBL) Stats 

2008: Orlando Dragons (traded to mid year  from Stingrays), National Extreme Baseball League (NXBL)

2007-2008: Daytona Stingrays, National Extreme Baseball League (NXBL)



Ranked the top private baseball coach in Florida at

Ranked the #4 coach in the nation at

NXBL League Batting Champion in 2008 with .463 average



Chris Kuno – Coach at SECA Academy in Shanghai, China.


“I had the pleasure of working with Coach Dave “Kaz” for two weeks when our organization hired him as a consultant to help educate the coaching staff (3 Chinese coaches, myself and a coach from Spain). Dave is incredibly talented at working with the kids, able to coach efficiently despite the English-Chinese language barrier. The kids admired his energy and I could see their passion for the game grow as a result of Dave’s energy. Coach Dave was well received by all of the coaches (Baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis etc) and would always stay later than required when asked questions about baseball, America or anything at all. I truly believe that Dave will make an excellent addition to any club of any skill level, whether an organization is grassroots or already developed. His talent of instilling knowledge on others is a special gift.”

Luis Ravelo – Former teammate and coaching colleague, MVP Baseball Academy. Email:

“We been playing together since 1995 after I finish my professional career. We been playing for many years in a 18+ baseball league in Orlando Fl. where we qualified to play a couple times World Series in the state of Florida, in 1996 & 1997. I got a Head Coach position in JV team at Osceola High School and I brought David as my 3B coach and right hand. In 2007 & 2008 we played for the Daytona Stings Rays in a Extreme Professional Baseball League. After that we took different routes in our baseball careers.  I know the last couple of years he still plays and coaches little league and has a good reputation as a coach around the Celebration Florida area. David has a lot of patience to work with young guys HS age and below. As a hitting coach he is very detailed about it as well as with pitchers. With adults he is really understandable and will find the best way to give you instructions for the best understanding of the situation he trying to explain to you.”

Rick Antinori, Phoenix Bats. Email:

“Coach Kaz and I have been working together for the last year supplying baseball players with quality baseball bats in the Florida area. Dave is very knowledgeable in hitting and always looks to provide the correct size and model bat to each individual player. His personality and knowledge of the game is a positive addition to any organization that Dave affiliates himself to.”

Phil Weidner – Double Diamond Baseball (Formerly Extreme Baseball). Email:

“Kaz was certainly one of our best players while we were operating. He always had a professional attitude and his skills defensively and offensively were superb. I would certainly recommend him for any of your baseball operations.”

Testimonials from clients at CoachUp website

“I hesitate on giving a review after just one session especially without seeing live pitching results. That said the issue I identified but could not fix was addressed immediately and we are on the path toward making a fix that is permanent. My son and Coach worked very hard in the first session and the next day he asked to go out and work on what he was taught. It’s been a while since he’s volunteered to do tee work. We will see where we are after our next session and then after he is tested in a game situation. If the first session is any indication he will be in a much better place.”

“My 9 year old son has had 2 sessions with Coach David and I am very pleased. I like the way he gets his point across with relatable terms that my son understands. We have already seen a lot of improvement. I’m looking forward to more sessions in the future!”

“Coach David is very responsible with communication and on time. He makes great use of the 60 minutes session. Very knowledgeable, takes it a step at a time and patient to connect with the athlete. He is an excellent coach, my son is 9 years old and definitely would recommend him for any age!”

“Coach David did an excellent job working with my nine year old son. He evaluated his swing and then made enhancements to help his game. After one lesson I can tell that Coach David is an awesome coach who has great skills working with kids.”

“Today My Boys Had A Private Session With Coach David AND I Must say As Soon As He Met them he just went to town and started teaching them the correct techniques for batting. I’m super happy with his service and look forward to him training my boys in the future.”

“Coach Dave really took his time in showing my son the basics, and really went the extra mile in every lesson we have had! We plan to stay with him a long time as we have seen such great improvements with my sons game. I recommend him highly!”

“Coach David as great, never had a coach like him and I played with a lot of baseball teams and know a lot of coaches but nothing like him. He was supportive in every way and that meant a lot. If anybody looking for a coach to put them in a level they want to be then coach david the coach for that.”

Josue Torres – Former client of David.

“My name is Josue Torres and I’m one of the players that coach David Kaczmarczyk has train & also coached. Coach David is one of the best coach I have had in my 14 years of playing. When I first started with coach David I haven’t played baseball since high school and that was about 5 years ago so I was basically starting fresh again but with just one practice with him I felt great and felt like everything was coming back to place. At first I was weighing about 300+ pounds and barely could do one push up so he put me in a diet and did some cross fit work outs and in just one month I started to drop weight and I started to do 20 push ups in just one set. Coach David movitated me to do better and be better, he told me if I don’t give up on him he won’t give up on me and from that day on we started to train and I started to get better and better. Then he put my in a team where he also coached and played called the redsox. In my first game I was nervous but excited to get back on the field but my first game didn’t go as plan. Got stroke out twice but made a few plays on defense and after the game coach David asked me how did I feel and I told me like I sucked and shouldn’t be playing with these guys. But yet he still didn’t give up me, he told me everything will be alright and to keep on moving forward. So we started to train more and then I started to play better in my other games and coach David was always supportive, he believes in all of his players just as we believe in his coaching and making us better. Coach David is a great man / coach and I will always thank him for everything he has done for me. Because even when I wanted to give up at times he was always there to pick me up and motivated me to be better. So after trying out for the team the manager told me I have made the roster and I couldn’t be more happy and it was all because coach David push me to do better and help me along my journey . I now weigh about 250 from those 300+ pounds and now I can do way more push ups and sit ups then I thought I could of never do. So to finish this off, I just wanted to say that coach David is one of the best coaches / trainers I know because from all the teams I played and all the coaches the coached me I would put coach David as my #1 coach that ever coach me. Thanks for reading my story and hope it would inspire you and other to recommend coach David as a coach. Thank you.”

Melvin Mancebo – Former professional player and teammate in the NXBL

 “I have played with David in the past on a professional level for NXBL. David is a very talented player with great sportsmanship completely dedicated to the game and very focused on teamwork, and always working hard on improvement. I strongly believe that David would be a great asset to your organization as a coach/ player. He has a strong understanding of the rules of baseball and will help any team grow. He has great passion for the game and working with others to improve
their skill.”




Phone/Whatsapp: Coming soon!








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