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Winter ball


Australian is the primary market of which our members sign.  Australian baseball is similar to European baseball in that there are opportunities for players and coaches with no professional experience while also providing opportunities for former and current professional players.

There are six state leagues (club baseball) across Australia that are known to import players annually, typically ranging from 1 to 4 imports per club. The typical player that signs with a state league club has had success at the a good college or pro level or is currently playing independent professional baseball. Occasionally current professional players will sign directly into the Australian Baseball League, but the benchmark is continuing to rise with recent signings of the likes of Delmon Young and Mark Hamburger. Every year, however, a dozen or so of our members will manage to work their way into the ABL through a state leagues.

Like Europe, there are second and third division state clubs in Australia that import players who have a strong coaching background or a passion to coach and have had success at the college level or overseas.

Other winter markets where our members have signed include South Africa, New Zealand and Argentina. These markets are continuing to grow and we have plans in the works to expand further into latin American.


Australian state league clubs typically offer to pay your flights while providing accommodations (usually a host family) and a job earning $20+ per hour, their minimum wage. ABL clubs will pay a salary which can range greatly depending on your background and if you were signed directly or if you are a value call up from a state league.

Insider Information

Our members have access to our personal guidance and inside information we gather from former imports on the various leagues and clubs. This can be a huge help when making decisions on multiple offers.

For those visiting the website, there is plenty of quality content on playing or coaching baseball in Europe on our blog, podcast and youtube channel which can all be found at

How to play or coach in the winter

Every club overseas that imports players or coaches uses our website minimally for alternative options to their own recruiting sources. Therefore by simply having profile on our website is often enough to get signed if you possess skills and good character. In addition we proactively recommend you to clubs within leagues that you would be a good fit.

For feedback on what opportunities may exist for you, please fill out this form and we will get back to you.

To register, please check out our IBC membership page.

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