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Need an import coach or player?

Finding the right import or imports for your club is not an easy task and is very time consuming. There are so many things to consider other than where they played and how they have performed in the past. The key missing ingredient are 1) do they have the right character and attitude to fit with your club/league and 2) do they understand exactly what it will be like playing for your club, and in this foreign country? This all boils down to communication, communication, communication.

The problem is, many of the people recruiting for clubs are doing so on a volunteer basis and often do not have the time to do a thorough job. Sometimes English is not their native language and there are miscommunications leaving imports misinformed. In our experience, 90% of the failed import-club relationships could have been avoided if there was better communication up front from both sides.

Moving forward there are two options using IBC:



Our website in itself provides all the tools to find the right import for your club. What we do for clubs to make their life easier are:

Verified player and coach lists 

We pre-screen our members and put as much information as possible in their profile to make your life easier. We cannot guarantee character or performance, but we do our best to make it clear what skills they bring to the table and character they possess. If we receive information that someone is not of the character we desire of our members, we decline their application or remove them from the website.


We highly recommend using this guide that we put together to help put a benchmark on the stats of a college player who played NCAA baseball. We all know some conferences are stronger than others and some NCAA III conferences are stronger than some NCAA I conferences. This guide clarifies that. Here are the steps we follow when evaluating our members:

Steps: Google –> college name –> open the wikipedia link –> go to “athletics” –> write down the conference and NCAA division –> open this guide –> find the rating.

Blog and Podcast

If you are really keen, we have plenty of written posts and podcast interviews at on finding the right fit for your club.

More Ranking Reports/Websites We Use

Personal Help

If you choose to go this route, of course we are here to support you within a reasonable amount of time commitment. Issues such as connecting with our members, questions about our members, opinions about our members are all aspects we can support clubs overseas with. However continued, back-and-forth correspondence while you search for your import is something we simply do not have the time to commit to.


The process:

  1. We assemble a list of potential candidates with some quick feedback on their abilities for you and your board to review.
  2. We take the shortened list of top candidates and contact them for interest. If were are unable to satisfy your request using our members, we will use our contacts to find contacts not on the website.
  3. Those who are interested we communicate in detail about the club, league, and contract. We give them a clear understanding of what they may be signing up for.
  4. We reach out to our networks for feedback on their abilities and character while also forming our own opinion on character through interviews.
  5. We evaluate abilities of final short list of candidates using statistical and video analysis.
  6. We provide a detailed ranking and evaluation of each candidate with our recommendation.
  7. Once you are ready to move towards a signing, we introduce you to the final candidate(s) for you to conduct your own interview.
  8. If needed, we provide a contract template and/or advice on what to put in the contract.
  9. In the case of injury or change of circumstance we find a replacement.

Communication with your club

Throughout the process we remain in close contact with a representative of your club using email, whatsapp and if possible, a shared google doc with list of candidates where we leave comments on progress.

Additional Benefits

New members first access. Clubs who use our scouting service have first rights to any new members who sign up before their profile goes public. We communicate any potential fits prior to publishing their profile.

Social media mass search. Clubs who use our service also have the advantage of advertising openings through our social media. This is most effective for last minute import needs.

Access to our networks. We all know the baseball world is a small one and therefore we are able to find out information on candidates quite easily using our networks. Additionally, our networks can also be a great resource for finding candidates outside of our website, especially in last minute emergency situations when our database has not produced a quality match who isn’t already signed.

Price: $250 USD for one import. Add $100 for each additional import.

This is an up front payment with a money back guarantee. We are so confident that we will find an import you are satisfied with, we offer a 100% refund if your import does not meet your satisfaction. To move forward with this service, simply fill out the form and we will contact you about payment and moving forward.


 Fill out this form for the IBC Scouting Service

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