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Europe is where this website originates from and is our bread and butter. CEO and Founder David Burns has lived and played in Austria since 2004 after originally coming over as an import himself in 1999. Therefore it is no surprise we have had members sign contracts in multiple European countries including: Austria, Belgium, Britain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

We have in-depth knowledge about every league in Europe and can advise our Gold Members accordingly when making decisions on where to play. The following is a summary of the various opportunities around Europe.


The beauty about European baseball, is that it provides many opportunities for players and coaches with no professional experience. There are clubs within leagues that play at a level as low as the high school level and as high as AA. Here is a PDF download that summarizes the levels.

League Level Comparisons – Europe


European clubs typically offer to pay your flights while providing accommodations (host or apartment) and a cost of living salary ranging from $300-$600 USD per month. However, the top clubs in Germany and the Czech Republic along with Italian and Dutch clubs can as much as $2,500 a month (on the top end) for a player with AA+ experience. However, it is a pretty fair statement to say that 95% of guys signing in Europe are getting paid less than $1000 USD a month.

More information

Our members have access to an eBook on European baseball which details every single league and the clubs within. Our Gold members have access to our personal guidance. For those visiting the website, there is plenty of quality content on playing or coaching baseball in Europe on our blog, podcast and youtube channel which can all be found at

How to play or Coach in Europe

Almost every club in Europe that imports players or coaches uses our website. It is the only website of it’s kind and a great resource for clubs in Europe. So a simple profile on our website is often enough to get signed if you possess skills and good character. To register, please check out our IBC membership page.

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