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Forrest Weaver – Ambitious young head coach and ambidextrous pitcher

At only the age of 23, Forrest  Weaver has a surprisingly lengthly coaching resume with experience as a head coach at the high school level and as a pitching coach at his former college Southwestern Christian University.

He is a rare ambidextrous pitcher who throws in the mid 60’s from both the left and the right with lots of movement. He is especially effective as a mid-reliever specialist after someone with some speed. From the left he throws a change-up and curveball to compliment his fastball while from the right he mixes in a slider, and change-up.

Forrest first spent three years as a starting pitcher at Oklahoma Wesleyan University before transferring to SCU for his senior year in 2014. After graduating, Forrest pitched competitively in the summer of 2015 in a mens league in Oklahoma but has been inactive since until recently signing in the Swedish second division.

Forrest is excited about the possibility of “seeing new parts of the world while living his dream of playing baseball professionally.” His three years at OWU where away from home so the transition to living and coaching abroad should be easy for him. He is open to a potential longer term arrangement if there is a good fit with a club overseas.


Date of Birth: 1992-08-26

Current Residence: Newalla, Oklahoma U.S.A.

Passports Held: None. Application in process

Height and Weight: 5’9″/ 150lbs

Bats/Throws: L/S

Primary Position(s): Relief pitcher / Closer

Secondary Position(s): Starting pitcher


Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology / Masters Degree in Sport Management and Administration

Hobbies and Interests: Fishing, traveling, soaking sun at the beach, socializing with friends, and watching movies.  

Post baseball career plans: To become a baseball coach at the college or professional level.

Relationship status: Single and free to travel the world

Recent injuries or illnesses: No.


Coaching Experience

2014/2015: Pitching Coach, Southwestern Christian University (Profile)

2014/2015: Head Junior Varsity Coach, Southwestern Christian University (Profile)

2014 summer: Head Coach Varsity, Bethany High School (Oklahoma)

2013 summer:  Assistant Coach Varsity, Glenpool High School (Oklahoma)

Playing Experience

2017: Karlskoga Bats, Sweden Second Division

2015: Oklahoma Angels, MSBL/MABL

2014: Southwestern Christian University (NAIA)

2011-2013: Oklahoma Wesleyan University (NCCAA)

2011-2013: Team Oklahoma, Oklahoma Collegiate Summer League


2014: Pitched a 66 pitch complete game shutout of the 5th ranked team in the nation in NAIA baseball.

2014: Voted as team captain, Southwestern Christian University

2014: Ranked number 5 Pitcher in the nation for complete games (NAIA)

2014: Complete game shutout with SCU. Article

2012: NCCAA National Runner-up, Oklahoma Wesleyan University

2011: NCCAA National Champion, Oklahoma Wesleyan University


2017 Bats 6.00 3-2 18 18 20 12 13 9 0.250 0.172


Joe Blackwell – Head Coach, Southwestern Christian 


“Forrest is a quality young man.  He is one of hardest working players I have ever coached.  He has a quality mind for the game and is very good in one on one teaching situations. Forrest came to us as a senior and the highlight of his career is when he pitched a 66 pitch complete game shutout of the 5th ranked team in the nation in NAIA baseball.”

Tim Braaten – Assistant coach, Southwestern Christian timothy


Aaron Ibarra – former SCU teammate


“I played with Forrest in college for 1 year. He has a strong work ethic and studies a lot. I would see him taking notes on how to pitch hitters and what to throw in certain counts. He is not a hard thrower but has a lot of natural movement. His change up is his best pitch it honestly has about 4 to 6 inches of tailing/ sinking action. I’ve known him for 4 years now and he called me a lot to see if I can play catch and catch bullpens.”

Rafael Torres –  Forrest’s assistant coach at Bethany


“As a teammate he was a very aggressive pitcher, always ready, never wasting time and smart on the mound. On his left side his fastball tails very well and his curve ball and change up drop very a lot. On his right his fastball doesn’t tail like his left side but his slider is amazing and his change up drops very well. As a coach he always made sure that his pitchers keep the ball down in the zone, especially with runners on base. He taught them to always attack hitters to get out of the inning as quick as possible.”



Forrest is willing to pay his flights if a club can provide accommodations and a small salary or job to cover living expenses. He is available immediately.




Phone/Whatsapp: (918)607-6862




Coming soon!

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