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Hector Acuña – Power hitting corner infielder/outfielder with over 10 years pro experience. MLB coaching certification

Hector Andres Acuña Vergara is a contact and power hitter from Colombia who signed with the Chicago White Sox as an international free agent, playing for them in the Dominican Summer League from 2007 to 2011. In 2009 was the best season of his young professional career when he hit .308/.534/.474 with 20 runs and an impressive 31 walks in 26 games. Hector has also played professional baseball in Mexico as recently as 2015. 

Hector is currently playing in Colombia’s professional league (Liga Colombiana de Béisbol Profesional), a league supported by the MLB and a charity run by former MLB shortstop Edgar Renteria (see current stats here). The league features Colombia’s top players along with a number of imported professional players including IBC scout Arik Sikula (former Toronto Blue Jay). Arik describes the league as an A-ball level full of a mixture of Colombia’s top talent, Dominican and Venezuelan professionals sprinkled with some American professionals.

Hector has played for the Colombian National Team since 2013 where he has experience playing in numerous international competitions including the Pan American Games in Toronto in 2015, the first Pan American Games for Colombian baseball in 32 years. Serving as Columbia’s starting first baseman, Hector’s home run vs. Cuba marked the first run and RBI for Colombia in the Pan Ams in his lifetime. He also helped Colombia to a Bronze Medal in the 2016 South American Championship. In 2017 the Colombian NT won the Bolivarian Games with Hector hitting the only home run on his team. 

Hector is open to coaching either youth or as a player-coach for any club who signs him. Hector has MLB coaching certification (Photo) and has this to say about coaching:

“I like to teach hitting and give advice to children about organized baseball and what it takes to sign for organized baseball.”

As of 2015, Colombians are free to travel in the Schengen Zone without applying for a tourist visa in advance. Colombians also are free to apply for a work visa in Australia. His English is above average and he has no problem communicating. 

Any club seeking a power bat and experienced professional player should contact Hector to arrange an interview.


Date of birth: 1988-08-08

Birthplace / Current Residence: Barranquilla/Atlantico, Colombia

Passports held: Colombia (Schengen Zone Visa Free)

Height and weight: 6’3”/ 220 lbs

Bats / Throws: Switch / Right

Primary position(s): Right Field

Secondary position(s): 3rd base, 1st base


Education: Two years of Environmental Management and Sanitation. Currently in second year studying Biology and Chemistry. 

Hobbies and Interests: Study, teach baseball to kids

Post baseball career plans: Continue his studies and coach baseball

Relationship status: Spouse who supports his overseas baseball career ambitions

Recent injuries or illnesses: None in past two years


Colombian National Team

2013: Latin American Series in Veracruz, Mexico
2015: Latin American Series in Panama, Panama
2015: South American Games in Mato Grosso, Brasil
2015: Pan-American Games in Toronto, Canada
2016: Latin American Games in Cartagena, Colombia
2016: South American Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina  
2017: Bolivarian Games in Santa Marta, Colombia

Professional Experience

2007-2011: Chicago White Sox, Dominican Summer League
2007-2011: Caimanes de Barranquilla, Colombian Professional Baseball League (Winter)
2011-2012: Toros de Sincelejo, Colombian Professional Baseball League (Winter)
2012-2013:Caimanes de Barranquilla, Colombian Professional Baseball League (Winter)
2013: Liga Invernal Veracruzana de Béisbol Profesional (Mexican Winter League)
2013-2014: Toros de Sincelejo/Caimanes de Barranquilla, Colombian Professional Baseball League (Winter)
2014-2015: Toros de Sincelejo, Colombian Professional Baseball League (Winter)
2015 summer: PanAm Games Toronto, Colombian National Team (Profile)
2015: Langosteros de Rosarito, Liga Norte de Mexico
2015-2016: Toros de Sincelejo, Colombian Professional Baseball League (Winter)
2016: Mariscales, Colombian Professional Baseball League (Summer)
2016-2017: Caimanes, Colombian Professional Baseball League (Winter)
2017: Whit Tiburones, Colombian Professional Baseball League (Summer)
2017-2018: Toros de Sincelejo, Colombian Professional Baseball League (Winter)


2007: Signed with the Chicago White Sox
2008: All-Star, Dominican Summer League
2009: All-Star, Dominican Summer League
2013-2014: All-Star, Colombian Professional Baseball Winter League 
2014/08: Player of the Game, National Major League Baseball Tournament in Medellin (Article)
2014/12: Players of the Week, CPBL. 10 hits, 2hr, 3 DB and 8 RBI. (Article, Interview)
2014-2015: All-Star, Colombian Professional Baseball Winter League (Article)
2014-2015: Best Batter (.326), Colombian Professional Baseball Winter League (Article). 
2015-2016: All-Star, Colombian Professional Baseball League
2016: All-Star, Colombian Professional Baseball Winter League
2017: Bolivarian Games Champions, Colombian National Team


MLB Coaching Certification


2017 TIBURONES 144 0.264 20 38 6 0 1 17 27 25 0 0.376 0.326
2016-2017 CAIMANES 80 0.213 6 17 2 1 1 8 22 8 0 0.308 0.300
2016 MARISCALES 156 0.327 13 51 8 0 2 28 36 31 2 0.447 0.417
2015- 2016 TOROS 88 0.206 6 18 3 0 1 9 24 11 0 0.297 0.273
2015 Mexico 156 0.282 24 44 8 1 6 27 36 21 0.372 0.462
2014- 2015 TOROS 138 0.326 23 45 10 0 6 30 40 19 1 0.421 0.529
2013- 2014 TOROS 46 0.326 8 15 4 0 1 12 5 8 0 0.478


Carlos Balcazar – Scout St. Louis Cardinals. Email           

Nestor Corredor – Manager Milwaukee Brewers (Rookie). Email:

Dorian Castro -Pitching Coach, Bologna Sector Juvenil. Email:

Harold Herrera – Scout and Coordinator, Latin America

Hamilton Sarabia – Scout Texas Rangers


Hector would like his flights paid, accommodations provided, and enough of a salary to easily cover his living expenses.



Phone/Whatsapp: (+57)3006367051





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