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Jordan Akins: Young Two-Way Player Seeking Opportunity Overseas for 2018 Season

Jordan Akins is a 19 year old utility player from Northern California. He graduated from Foothill High School in the spring of 2017 and is now looking for an opportunity to start a baseball career early rather than attending college. He has a job lined up with PG&E where he would just need training and does not need a college education. So rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars paying for a degree that he does not need, he would rather take the time to travel and play baseball around the world. When asked his reasoning for wanting to play overseas, Jordan responded “It’s my dream and goal to play baseball for as long as I possibly can. College isn’t for me because studying for a degree I don’t plan on using in my life would just be a waste. So the opportunity, if given, to play overseas would be the greatest thing to ever happen to me.”

Aside from high school baseball, Jordan has experience playing competitive travelball. He can play any position on the field but feels most comfortable pitching or playing third base. On the mound, Jordan throws in the mid-upper 80’s with a 4-seam, 2-seam, cutter, curveball, and changeup. At the plate, Jordan can hit to all fields but likes to work back up the middle and drive the ball into the gaps. In his final season at Foothill, Jordan held a 2.33 ERA while batting .305. Aside from playing, he would be open to helping coach youth players within the team that signs him.

Jordan’s Story:

I’ve played every sport there is but baseball has always been my number one sport, it’s the sport I started out playing and the sport I plan on finishing out on as well. I made it to college ball at Simpson University a small NAIA and they even gave me a really good amount on scholarship, but what they had to study was very limited so I stuck with business not knowing what else to choose. After a semester I had gotten a D in a computer applications course after being given a screwball of a final and didn’t have enough credits to become acdemicly eligible for the spring semester. So that’s when I decided that for the career I want to follow doesn’t need a degree just job training and it would be a waste to spend 4000- 5000$ a year on classes that I don’t need and not being able to play baseball was the deal breaker. Now I am 19 years old and nowhere near done with baseball and I want to extend every opportunity I possibly can before I go after my career.

Sincerely, Jordan Akins


Date of birth: October 8th, 1998

Birthplace / Current Residence: Lake County, California / Redding, California

Passports held: United States

Dual Citizenship: None

Height and weight: 5’9″ / 168 lbs

Bats / Throws: Switch / Right

Primary position(s): 3rd Base & Starting pitcher

Secondary position(s): Middle Infield & Outfield


Education: High school diploma, a few college credits in business

Hobbies and Interests: Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, working out, and other sports

Post baseball career plans: Work for PG&E

Relationship status: Single and free to travel the world

Recent injuries or illnesses: Torn miniscus just over two years ago from football


Playing Experience:

2014-17: Foothill High School, Eastern League

2017: Redding Ringtails, Summer Semi-Pro Wood Bat Baseball

2013-16: Shasta County Sundevils, Competitive Travel Team


Coaching Experience:

2015: Little League, Assistant Coach, 11-12 year olds


Hitting Stats

2017 Foothill 82 25 8 0 0 19 10 9 11 4 6 0 0.305 0.412 0.402


Pitching Stats

2017 Foothill 2.33 39 32 38 29 2 24 13 4 3 1 1.56


Todd Buck
Head Coach of Foothill High School
Phone: +1(530)515-4029

I am writing this letter on behalf of Jordan Akins. I was fortunate enough to coach Jordan from 2013-2017. I watched Jordan grow up as a young adult playing baseball. Jordan is a hard worker on and off the field. His work in the weight room paid off over the years. As a pitcher, Jordan has a fastball in the mid-80s, a curve ball and a change-up. As a hitter, Jordan sprays the ball all over the field with power. Jordan was my leadoff hitter and batted over 300 his senior year, Jordan does not strike out much. Jordan made all league his senior year voted by other coaches from different teams. Jordan’s biggest asset is his tenacious competitive spirit and his baseball IQ.


John Waterman
Assistant Baseball Coach of Shasta Junior College
Phone: +1(530)355-6176

I am writing this email on behalf of Jordan Akins. I have been able to coach Jordan in his younger years and in high school. It is my understanding he is trying out for your team to play in Australia. Jordan has always had a very good work ethic and constantly works on his game to get better. While increasing his arm strength I have witnessed him top out in the high 80s which in turn he received a scholarship to play baseball at Simpson University. Jordan has always been a good hitter and last year in high school had a very solid year at the plate. I would highly recommend Jordan for your team not only as a baseball player but as a young man who will represent your program the right way.

If you would like more information from me please feel free to contact me.


Gary Reynolds
Former Coach
Phone: +1(530)515-3607

This letter serves to vouch for the personal character and baseball experience of Jordan Akins. I have known him for over 8 years, since the time before I had an opportunity to coach him. Since then I have had the privilege in coaching as well as observing his baseball career.
I have always known Jordan Akins to be of good character. He has been a terrific leader on and off the field. Jordan, has shown to rise above the talent at every level of play establishing himself as a play maker and a teammate that can be counted on in that moment that makes a difference in the outcome of the game. I have had the privilege of coaching Jordan on several different teams along his journey and have considered him to be one of the special kids you get the opportunity to be a part of.
The skills I have observed that Jordan has proven time and time again are as follows:
  • Baseball IQ – Jordan has one of the highest baseball IQ’s and has often been a teacher to me along the journey as much as I have for him.
  • Teammate – Excellent example and contributor to the overall experience and success of every team he has been on. Contributing unselfishly to the encouragement and development of every teammate.
  • Hitting – Jordan has been the life of every line up no matter the hitting slot he is placed in. He has terrific pop in his bat with technical bat control for every situation. He understand his role in every hitting slot and has the skill to navigate every circumstance he is faced with.
  • Pitcher – Jordan Akins not only has the natural ability to throw the ball hard being clocked at speeds of 85 to high 80’s but also has the skill to control his pitching as a true pitcher not just a thrower. He understand how to get hitters our situationally. He understand when he is pitching for a ground ball contact located ball and when he needs to pitch for the strikeout as well as everything in-between.
  • Fielder – Jordan has great hands and foot work. Most importantly as a fielder Jordan understands not only the responsibilities of his position but everyone else’s as well. Jordan makes well executed decisions in every moment of play.
In my 14 year coaching experience, I could not give any player a higher recommendation. Jordan Akins is the real deal in every aspect of the game including and more importantly the intangibles.


Dan Tating
Former Coach
Phone: +1(530)526-1086


Jordan is looking for a club for the 2018 season. If a club offered a place to stay and a job/salary, he would be willing to cover some of his flight.



Phone/WhatsApp: +1(530)355-5132

LinkedIn: Jordan Akins


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