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José Heredia: Venezuelan Shortstop with experience playing in France; Looking for a new team in 2018

José Heredia is a quick middle infielder with quick, soft hands and a strong arm. Due to the recent turmoil in Venezuela, José has decided to take his baseball career overseas. In the summer of 2017, he received an opportunity to play professionally for the Clermont-Ferrand Arvernes in France. While playing for Clermont, he alternated between shortstop, second base, and third base. He batted in the top of the lineup and used his speed to steal an impressive 15 bases.

Now that José is a free agent, he is looking for a new team in 2018. He would be best utilized in the middle infield since he is quick and can use his range to get to balls in the holes. He is a contact hitter with speed which makes him a good 1 or 2-hole hitter. He is open to coaching youth alongside playing. Although he is 20 years old, he has experience coaching over the past few years. He is looking for a team who can provide flights, accommodations, and a salary to cover living expenses.


Date of birth: August 19th, 1997

Birthplace / Current Residence: Caracas, Venezuela / Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Passports held: Venezuelan

Dual Citizenship: None

Height and weight: 5’9″ / 170 pounds

Bats / Throws: Right / Right

Primary position(s): Shortstop

Secondary position(s): 3rd base, 2nd base


Education: Due to the socio-political and economic situation in Venezuela, Jose left the country before starting college and accepted an opportunity to play baseball in France.

Hobbies and Interests: Travel, music, dance, learning languages, photography, and watching movies

Post baseball career plans: Become an inspirational speaker, build a company for healthy life style, help the youth and the poor

Relationship status: Single and free to travel the world

Recent injuries or illnesses: No


Playing Experience:

2017 (April-Nov): Clermont-Ferrand Arvernes (France)

  • Excelled playing shortstop, second and third base
  • Coached youth players
  • First international experience completed with one of the highest batting averages for a rookie

2017 (Feb): Selected during scholarship tryouts with ex-big-leaguer Jose Leiba.

2016-17 (Dec-Feb): Baseball Player at Coche Academy in Caracas, Venezuela

  • Tryouts with Scouts Minnesota Twins, New York Mets and LA Dodgers;
  • Developed more skills and learned about new tools

2016 (Oct-Nov): Trained in the Dominican Republic

2016 (Aug-Sept): Baseball Player for Criollitos de Venezuela, Texas team

  • Coach Assistant for junior teams

2016 (April-Sept): Baseball Player at La Carlota Academy, Caracas Venezuela

2016 (March): Baseball Player in RBI Venezuela, Caracas Venezuela

  • Participated in program sponsored by Empresas Polar and MLB

2016 (Jan to Feb): Baseball Player at Robert Hernandez Academy, Valencia Venezuela

  • Tryouts with all regional zones Pittsburg Pirates Scouts

2015 (July to Dec): Baseball Player at Luis Sanz Academy, Guatire, Miranda Venezuela

  • Tryouts with Oakland Athletics and Texas Rangers

2015 (July to Dec): Trained with Luis Meneses, coach of Canada London Majors

2015 (July): Capital District selection in Caracas, Venezuela

2015 (June): Baseball Player summoned by Interleague de LIBEMAM, Caracas Venezuela

2015 (March to July): Baseball Player at RM Academy, Maracay, Venezuela

  • Tryouts with Chicago Cubs scout

2015 (Feb): Baseball Player at Ramon Hernandez Academy, (ex-big-leaguer) in Maracay, Venezuela

2014-15: Baseball Player season runner up for LIBEMAM in Caracas, Venezuela

2014-13: Baseball Player achieving the most hits and most stolen bases for LIBEMAM, Caracas.

2011 to 2015: Baseball Player with Tiburones Baseball Club, Caracas Venezuela

  • Coach Assistant for junior teams

2007 to 2001: Baseball Player for San Luis Criollitos, Chucho Ramos League, Caracas Venezuela

  • “Champion Team” for half this period and “Runners up” the other half of these years



Selected by Clermont-Ferrand
Baseball player achieving the most hits and most stolen bases for LIBEMAM (photo of trophys will be added later)
Baseball player at Capital District selection 2015


Coaching Experience:

Coaching assistant in Clermont-Ferrand youth teams and softball team


2017 Clermont 108 30 6 1 0 16 13 23 19 3 15 2 0.278 0.394 0.352



Nicolas Pellet, Head-coach of Arvernes Clermont-Ferrand:

Luis Sayol, Teammate in Clermont, Currently playing in Italy:

I played with José last year in the French league and he is a really good player …. He works really hard and is a great teammate, good person, and most importantly he is a leader in the field … I recommend him a lot


Financial arrangement: If a club pays for his flights and provides accommodations, he may be willing to work if the team can help find him a job

Availability: Now

Living arrangement preferences: Apartment to himself, a shared living space with his own room, or a dorm-type setting with private bedroom

Summer playing preferences: Anywhere, Australian Winter Leagues (Mostly Victoria), A-Pool Europe, Semi-pro (Czech, Germany, France, Spain), B-Pool Europe, Semi-pro (Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Sweden, Belgium, Croatia, Slovakia, UK), Professional Europe (Italy, Netherlands), Independent Pro Japan (Shikoku Island League, BC League), Semi-pro Canada (Intercounty Baseball League, New Brunswick Senior League), Victoria Winter League (Australia)

Winter playing preferences: Anywhere, Semi-pro Australia (State leagues in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra), Semi-pro other (Argentina, South Africa, New Zealand), Australian Baseball League (PRO), Developing IBC connections (Colombia, China)



Phone/WhatsApp: +1(609)250 3193

Facebook: Jose Heredia


Coming Soon



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