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Marc Churaman – Middle infielder looking for a club overseas. Willing to pay his flight and work

Marc Churaman is a middle infielder who has played high school and men’s league club baseball and is willing to pay his flight to have the opportunity to play overseas. He has been training almost daily with a private instructor and is confident he can help a third or second division club overseas reach their season goals.

Marc is also open to a role as an assistant coach of a youth team within any club that can bring him on board and provide housing and work.


Date of birth: 1996-04-29

Birthplace / Current Residence: Queens New York / Orlando, Florida

Passports held: United States

Height and weight: 5’6” / 150 lbs

Bats / Throws: Right/Right

Primary position(s): 2nd base, Shortstop

Secondary position(s): 3rd base, Left field, Center Field, Right Field


Education: Business

Hobbies and Interests: Working out and Fishing

Post baseball career plans: to own a business

Relationship status: Single and free to travel the world

Recent injuries or illnesses: None


2015 – 2016: High school baseball

2016 – Present: Orlando Red Sox, Orlando Adult Baseball League

2018: Black Sox Road Warriors (Plays games vs. Pro teams)


Coming soon. 


David Kaczmarczyk – Private Coach, Hitting It Big. Email:   

“I have been training Marc for a few months now and i can tell you this guy is an extremely talented athlete.  Our workouts consist of crossfit every morning then baseball for several hours after.  Marc showed me that he has the personal drive to become a professional baseball player.  He works very hard and has the athletic ability to play at any level. 

Often here in the Florida leagues Marc will face 90 plus arms and he had no trouble hitting it.  His on base percentage as a lead off man is incredible as he hits for high average and walks a lot with a very selective eye at the plate, and he gets better every day.  I see zero reason why Marc can’t make an immediate impact on any club at any level (overseas).   

As a man Marc is quiet and reserved but always there with a laugh and a smile, and he’s an excellent young man with incredible upside. He’s an excellent teammate that cares a lot about the game and is easy to work with.”


Financial arrangement: If a club offered me a place to stay and a job, Marc would be willing to pay his flight

Availability: June 2018

Living arrangement preferences: Apartment, shared living space with own room, host family, dorm type setting with private bedroom, dorm type setting with shared bedroom

Summer and winter playing preferences: Anywhere



Phone/Whatsapp: +1 (407) 914-9543





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