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Name + title

David Burns – Creator and Founder of IBC

Import player profile


David Burns – Creator and Founder of IBC

Status - Summer ball (March to October)


Status - Winter ball (October to March)


Date of Birth (dd/mm/year)


Height / Weight

6 ft 6in. 220lbs / 200cm 94kg

Main Position

First base

Second position(s)

RHP (Relief)





Birth Place

Vernon, B.C. Canada

Current Residency & Passports Held

Canadian Passport
EU Status


University of British Columbia – Okanagan

College Association


Professional Experience

European Professional

Previous Teams

Attnang Athletics Baseball Club – Austrian Baseball League 1999 – current

Stat Summary


GP: 17
AVG .424
SLG .678
OBP .514
HR 5
RBI 20

Playoffs 2012

GP: 4
AVG: .313
SLG: .375
OBP: .353
HR: 0
RBI: 1


GP: 14
AVG: .200
SLG: .300
OBP: .298
HR: 1
RBI: 2

Playoffs 2013
GP: 8
AVG: .385
SLG: .423
OBP: .433
HR: 0
RBI: 7

Achievements / Accomplishments

Five time gold glove first base Austrian Baseball League
Playoff MVP 2010

Coaching experience


About Me

Who the heck am I? I am going to give you some insight into my personal story so you have a better idea of who I am and my motivation behind this website.
A long story short, I came to Austria in 1999 to play baseball as an import for the Attnang Athletics. I met and married an Austrian woman and she came back to Canada with me at the end of the season and we started a family. Eventually the marriage failed and I had no choice but to follow her and the kids back to Austria. I found a good job as a teacher, athletic director and coach at an international school and began playing baseball for the Athletics again.
In the end, this was all for the best and actually worked out unbelievably well for me. Four months a year when I am not working I can spend a ton of time with the kids, playing baseball and travelling. Back in Canada when I was married there was no time for baseball and I had a whopping two weeks holidays per year in my cubical at the bank as a personal financial planner getting fat.
Now, year after year since 2004 I have played baseball in the Austrian Baseball League, competed in European cup qualifiers, and played every summer in one of the biggest European invitational baseball tournaments, Finkstonball, which annually attracts teams from up to 12 different nations from around Europe.
I have interacted and befriended plenty of import players and coaches and often have witnessed first hand the difficulty of the whole import process. From the lack of a central platform for clubs and players to find each other to the struggles in communication of expectations and contract details.
I would take the train to work every day for an hour each way daydreaming of how I would help smooth out this process. I dreamt up this concept years ago but was not sure how to realize it since I knew nothing about the creation of websites and figured I could not afford to pay someone to do it. So I shelved the idea.
After a brief stint blogging for in the summer of 2012, I became somewhat familiar with Wordpress. It basically took off from there as I began with my obsession of creating this website. It took months of reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and playing around and eventually during my xmas holidays in 2012, I went for it. I spent every single spare minute I had during the holidays to launch and market this website. This pace has not slowed and now I get home from work and work on the website until I go to bed. However it is not work for me and is a ton of fun and I love doing it. I am not in it for the money but of course I have plans and expectations to make this site grow and expand in different directions which will comes with some expenses. Therefore I have recently begun to monetize the website which is an attempt to at least get my money back and help to justify the hours and hours I pour into the site. If any profit is every earned from this, I will begin to look at many different options such as hiring a tech person to handle my tech issues and free up more time for me to do what I love the most, blog, podcast and help you guys find jobs.

Desired destinations


Contact Information

If you have more questions feel free to message me or email me at

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