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Albert Gonzalez – 2B/SS/Youth Coach

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Albert Gonzalez

Status - Summer ball (March to October)


Status - Winter ball (October to March)


Date of Birth (dd/mm/year)


Height / Weight

5'10/175 Ib

Main Position






Birth Place

Queens, New York / United States

Current Residency & Passports Held

Pomona, New York / United States
United States Passport


High Point University

College Association


Professional Experience

Central American/ Caribbean, Semi-Professional, European Professional

Previous Teams

New York City Thunderdogs / WRWBL
Los Brujos De Guayama / Liga Béisbol Superior Doble A (Puerto Rico Professional Baseball League)
El Llano BC / Division De Honor (Spain)

Achievements / Accomplishments

High School 4 Year Varsity Starter
2008 Patriot League Batting Champ (.542)
2008 SRDS Coaches Award
2008 SRDS Athlete of the Year
WRWBL Playoff Appearance NYC Thunderdogs 2010-2013

Coaching experience



Dear Coach,

I am writing to you on behalf of Albert Gonzalez, a hopeful member of your baseball program. Albert came to the Saddle River Day School Baseball program as a freshman, and instantly became a spark for our young team. As our starting shortstop and number two pitcher, he took the field for every inning of every game, and has been an outstanding addition to the middle of the order. Albert helped to anchor a highly improved and potent offense, showing more and more pop at the plate as he matured physically and mentally. He has the ability to drive the ball to all fields and has been one of the best clutch players we have had in some time. Over his career he has been second on the team in extra-base hits, and second in total bases, while leading our lineup in batting average the last two seasons. This past season, Albert was counted on to help lead our team through one of its most competitive schedules in recent memory, and he did not disappoint. He wracked up a .542 average for the season, leading the team in hits, plate appearances, total bases, RBI’s and runs scored. In addition, his prowess on the mound afforded him the opportunity to start most of the games that pitted us against our toughest competition. Though his win-loss record was not as solid as he was hoping, he showed a great deal of heart and determination as he faced off against some of the better pitchers in New Jersey prep baseball.
I have been coaching at SRDS for the past twelve years, and have had ten-plus players move on to play in college, two of who have held starting positions for Hamilton College (Andrew D’Amico) and John’s Hopkins University (Todd Emr). Of all of the players that have made it to the next level, I feel that Albert is one of top offensive players that have come through our program during my tenure. He has a strong work ethic, and is a highly coachable kid, and with another year to mature and fine-tune his game will only get better. He is a leader on the field, whose dedication to improving his skills and those of his teammates has earned him the respect of his peers and coaches. Though I will not be coaching him as a senior, I am expecting big things from Albert in the 2009 season. As a Captain, Albert understands the importance of his role on the team as a both a veteran leader, and a mentor to the young pitchers on our staff. In addition to enhancing his pitching prowess, Albert has always worked diligently to improve his skills as shortstop and a starting pitcher, and I expect that he will continue to do so through this summer and into next season.
As an ex-member of the Franklin & Marshall baseball program I feel that I a have solid understanding of the programs at the college level, and it is my feeling that Albert can be a solid asset to any team that gets him. Beyond being a quality player, Albert has proven himself to be a solid citizen and an asset to the SRDS community. I thank you for your time, and it is my hope that this letter will help you to become better acquainted with Albert Gonzalez. Please feel free to contact me further about Albert. I can be reached by phone (201-563 – 4152), or by email: Thank you again for your time, and good luck with your season.


John Beloff, Head Baseball Coach, Saddle River Day School

Dear Coach—

I’m writing to recommend one of my current players, Albert Gonzalez,
for consideration for your team. I have had the pleasure of coaching
and playing with Albert for the last four seasons. He is a hard
working, committed individual who would be an asset to any team at
second base. He has a nice swing with line drive/gap potential.
Defensively, Albert has made enormous strides at second base and is
very sure handed. The one thing that holds Albert back from getting
the most out of his abilities is his confidence. Although noticeably
better than it was 3 years ago, he does not always play with the
attitude that he “belongs” and it sometimes prevents him from being as
successful as he should be given his talent.

Albert joined my team, the NYC Thunderdogs, following his freshman
year of college. The league we play in, the Westchester Rockland Wood
Bat League, is an 18+ Semi – Professional league that is predominantly comprised of
players who are either currently playing college baseball, recently
played college baseball or recently played independent professional
baseball. It is an extremely competitive league. Our teams have
gone on to play in national tournaments throughout the US and
routinely finish in the top portions of those tournaments. Albert
was the youngest player on a veteran team and was dealing with some
tough personal issues. Despite his family issues and the fact that he
wasn’t getting consistent playing time, he came game after game and
did nothing but work hard. Although he didn’t play every inning
Albert never once complained, preferring to put his head down and

Albert returned for his second season with an increased role after
having worked hard on his own to improve his defense and drop some
weight to improve upon his quickness. Also worth noting is the
improvement that Albert made once his confidence and comfort levels
were raised.

Albert’s third and fourth seasons with the team were both derailed by
injuries. In his 3rd season, Albert struggled with an ankle sprain
that prevented him from contributing for a good chunk of the season.
Nonetheless, Albert was always at the ballpark helping out and soaking
up whatever he could to help him upon his return. In his 4th season,
Albert went down in an exhibition game with a shoulder injury.
Throughout the first three years on the team, Albert would
periodically complain about his left shoulder giving him problems when
he would swing. He’d often times wince after a swing, but he never
once said he couldn’t play. In our last exhibition game of 2013,
Albert aggravated the same shoulder. He was in uniform and in the
lineup on opening day despite the pain. About 2 weeks into the
season, he finally got the shoulder checked out, and it was determined
that he had a large labrum tear in his shoulder. The doctors concluded that
this was a very old injury that had been ignored and needed surgery.
Although Albert was disappointed that he could not play, I think he
was extremely relieved to find out that this injury was a major
contributor to some of the struggles he experienced at the plate
during his tenure with the Thunderdogs.

Over the course of the 4 years I’ve known him, Albert has never
griped about at bats or about how many innings he plays in the field.
Even though he doesn’t wear his emotions on his sleeve, I know that
all he truly cares about is contributing to the team and helping us
win. Game after game, I know I can count on him to not only be there
but also be ready to play wherever I need him. As a manager,
particularly a summer league manager, players like this make your life
easier. Although Albert will never be mistaken for having the
quickest feet or the fastest hands, he makes up for those deficiencies
with his work ethic and his desire. Every team that is serious about
winning and competing needs players like Albert on it.

If you require any more information or have questions, please feel
free to call or email me.

Dave Lopez
NYC Thunderdogs

About Me

After a long journey of overcoming constant injuries and the sudden lose of my mentor/coach/father, I find myself in great shape mentally and physically to give myself one last shot to find a home in Professional Baseball.
My name is Albert Gonzalez and I am from New York. At a young age I had a promising future in the game of baseball and envisioned baseball to take me places I only dreamed of. At the age of 15 I received a high school scholarship to attend Saddle River Day Prep School where I instantly became the starting shortstop over our senior captain as a freshman. Throughout my 4 years of Varsity Baseball I led the team and league in total hits, extra base hits, and batting average. During my junior season I won the batting tittle batting .542 and was awarded the league athlete of the year award. Throughout my 4 years of high school I won many athletic awards in not just baseball but basketball and soccer. I was recruited to multiple colleges for baseball but unfortunately multiple ankle injuries made colleges hesitant to sign me. My father was a retired police officer in New York City and was very sick after his efforts at the World Trade Center during 9/11 and I began to lose interest in playing baseball. I ended up attending High Point University a division 1 school but decided not to play. After my freshman year my father lost his battle and past away but I was able to promise him that I will make a comeback in the game to make our dream come true of me playing professional baseball.
I then dedicated myself to the game of baseball again and in 2010 was signed to the Semi Professional New York City Thunderdogs. I played 3 seasons with the Thunderdogs until I went to Puerto Rico and played with the Brujos De Guayama of the Puerto Rican professional league during spring training. For years I had extreme pain in my non throwing shoulder but played through it but unfortunately right before the season began this past summer I could no longer play through the pain and doctors found I had sustained a major SLAP tear in my non throwing shoulder which required season ending shoulder surgery. I have currently been training and preparing for my final come back to the game. Despite all the adversity I have faced I find myself in tremendous shape and will be prepared and stronger than ever for next season. A friend who plays professional soccer recently told me he has never seen anybody want something so bad than me playing professional baseball and has never seen anybody have such a passion for a sport than I have for baseball.

Desired destinations

Australia, Austria, Almost Anywhere, France, Finland, Italy, South Africa, Spain

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Albert Gonzalez 2B/SS/Coach

Status - March to November


Status - November to March (Australia / winter ball)


Date of Birth (dd/mm/year)


Birth Place / Current residency

Queens, New York/Pomona, New York

Level Coached


Coaching Experience Description

Currently a Youth Infield/Hitting instructor at “The Baseball Center NYC”
2013 NYC Stars 10U Travel Baseball Team – Assistant Coach
Beginners 2 Pro – Instructor
Help coach El Llano Youth Teams in Spain

About Me

After graduated from High Point University this past year I wanted to find a job teaching baseball. I currently work at The Baseball Center NYC as a youth instructor. I take great joy in teaching young athletes the tools to make it to the next level in not just baseball but in life. I am looking for a chance to continue my professional baseball career in Europe while also coaching youth baseball.

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