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La Rochelle Les Boucaniers

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La Rochelle Les Boucaniers




Pitching job available, Infield job available, Catching job available

League / Division

Second division

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Pitching job available, Infield job available, catchers, any player interested to have a baseball experience in France to live baseball and share his baseball experience.
We play in the Second National French Division and are at the top of the league. We want to promote to Division 1 and for this we need players to help us. A strong and dominant pitcher for 6 months and a very powerful hitter . We are a very well organised club, nice town, nice spot to play Baseball.

We are also looking for someone who is interested in a longer-term or permanent situation. Someone who would like have a new life and move to to one of the nicest places in France, la Rochelle, to help us develop the Boucaniers Baseball Club. We”ll help you to become a student, find a job, and to get your own housing. But what we would like is to find somebody who wants to become involved in the development program longer term. We will not be able to pay your a lot of money, but we’ll be able to help you to immigrate and become a la Rochelle citizen.
We have seen many foreigners come to Europe to play baseball who have settled in longer term and this is something we wish for our club.

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