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Tyler Ponciano- Catcher, Outfielder, coach

Import player profile


Tyler Ponciano

Status - Summer ball (March to October)


Status - Winter ball (October to March)


Date of Birth (dd/mm/year)


Height / Weight


Main Position


Second position(s)






Birth Place


Current Residency & Passports Held

San Diego, California


Grossmont College

College Association


Previous Teams

-Granite Hills (High school)
-Grossmont (College)
-San Diego Stars (club)
-San Diego Rookies (club)
-San Diego Longhorns (club)
-JP Longball (club)
-San Diego Show

Stat Summary

-Started 30 games at Grossmont.
-Fielding Percentage .976
7-18 Runners caught stealing
.720 Caught stealing percentage
.212 BA

Achievements / Accomplishments

-Second team all league in High school 2008
-Inspirational Achievement 2009
-Honorable mention in college.

Coaching experience

High School

Coaching summary

I’ve been coaching for 2 years with a travel ball team called The Gamers, I’ve coached 9 year old’s all the way up to 18’s. I also have been coaching for my old high school for 2 years as a catching coach for varsity, and a batting practice thrower.


I’m a players coach, I help the players understand what coaches are trying to do. I’m not a yelling coaching, because I believe yelling only helps some players out, not all. My approach is simple, execute all the basic plays and simple plays and this game will be easy. I try to help players relax and become the best they can, whether it will be hitting or catching or anything.

About Me

My work ethic is simple and that is do everything you do as if its your last. Do it with passion and get it done no matter what it is. I’m a very positive and motivated player, and that why its easy to relate to kids when I coach. I workout Mon-Friday and hit and throw whenever I’m coaching, which is usually Tues-Thursday. I work hard at everything I do. My accomplishments have been a few awards that I have won for baseball, for motivational and coaches award. As a Freshmen going into high school I lost most of my vision in my right eye due to a baseball accident on varsity. Doctors told me my vision will never be fixed. And as you can see in my batting average it reflects that. I knew from then on baseball will be a lot harder then it already is, mostly hitting. From my injury it has made me work harder than anyone I know, because I know I need to, having a little disadvantage with seeing. Although I may have lost some hitting abilities, I feel my catching is stronger than ever, from everything to receiving, to blocking and throwing runners out. I am confident in my abilities behind the dish to makeup for some hitting adversity. My players that I coach always ask how I do it, how do I catch with one eye? and the simple answer is, if you love the game as much as people say they do, you will find a way to get things done!
I’m still here and still pushing through it, and I believe that through coaching and taking a step back and looking at things that I can still play. They say coaching is just a one way thing, no way! It is two way learning system, coaches learn from the players and players learn from the coaches. Through coaching I realized that baseball is fast, and as player we need to simplify the game and make it as easy as we possibly can and execute it as well. Once you do that, this game will become a piece of cake. I told my high school players that I coach that, and that year we won C.I.F.
I feel I’ve gotten better through baseball by coaching, and that’s because I was able to see everything that I didn’t see as a player. I feel like I am in the best shape I can be and feel like I am ready for anything that is next in my life.

Desired level of baseball

Open to any professional opportunity

Desired destinations

Australia, Austria, Almost Anywhere, Belgium, Britain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Professional Leagues only, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

Contact Information

Tyler Ponciano cell: (619)415-6965

Secondary email:

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