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Oscar Junior Castro Beltran – Young Shortstop from Panama Seeking Overseas Opportunity for 2018; Willing to Pay Flights

Oscar is a young shortstop who is looking to prove himself to a team overseas. He has been developing his baseball skills throughout Panama and Colombia and is looking for an opportunity to play in Europe or the Australian Winter for the coming 2018 season. He is looking to use this opportunity as a way to travel the world, learn more about his studies in Human Resources, and propel his baseball career. Since he does not have much in terms of stats, he may be willing to pay for his flights in order to prove himself to a team. Oscar has put together a demo video to showcase his playing abilities:




 Date of birth: January 5, 1997 

Birthplace / Current Residence: Panama City, Panama 

Passports held: Colombian 

Dual Citizenship: None 

Height and weight: 1.73 m  /143 lbs

Bats / Throws: Switch / Right 

Primary position(s): Shortstop 

Secondary position(s): 2nd base


Education: University of Panama – Human Resources Management 

Hobbies and Interests: Dancing, going to the movies, and going on walks

Post baseball career plans: Be an entrepreneur and create his own business

Relationship status: Single and free to travel the world 

Recent injuries or illnesses: None


2015-17: Prospect League in Panama

2013-15: Colombian Developmental League

2011-2013: Lefebre Park League


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Oscar is looking for any opportunity to extend his baseball career overseas. He is looking for a club who can provide accommodations and a small salary to cover living expenses. If the situation is right, he may be willing to pay for his flights.


Email: or

Phone/WhatsApp: +507 6638-8407


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