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Riley Barr – Hard throwing (88-91 mph) former NCAA I starting RHP and overseas veteran (SIGNED FOR 2018 SUMMER)


Riley (Scott) Barr is currently in his third stint overseas, this time playing in the first division of the state league based in Melbourne, Australia.

Before graduating in 2015, Riley was the number one starting pitcher for New Mexico State University (NCAA I) and has since pitched in the Inter-County Baseball League (IBL) in Canada for two years, the Western Australian Baseball League and most recently with the Mainz Athletics of the German Bundesliga 1 where he held down an era of 2.42 with 64 strikeouts and only 9 walks over in 89.1 innings pitched.

Riley has a history of throwing strikes and allowing very few walks, extra base hits and consecutive hits. Riley throws a fastball ranging from 88-91 mph, sinker, slider, and a change, all of which he throws from a lower arm slot that he can change at will.

In junior college he was a 2-way player and is able to contribute offensively to any club overseas that seeks that extra solid bat in the lineup. He has also swung the bat a bit in the IBL against tough pitching and faired well. In addition, he enjoys coaching and would be open to coaching a youth team.

Baseball has been a wonderful vessel for letting me travel and assimilate into new communities, while staying involved with a game I’ve loved my entire life. My time already playing internationally has been extremely special, and I would like to be able to see and experience as much as I can, while I can. Also being able to share baseball culture abroad has been extremely fun, seeing different areas perceptions of the game and how it is played.”


Date of birth: 1991-07-30

Birthplace / Current Residence: Denver Colorado,  USA

Passports held: United States

Height and weight: 6’3”, 210 lbs

Bats / Throws: R/R

Primary position(s): Starting pitcher, Relief Pitcher / Closer

Secondary position(s): 3rd base, Left field, Right Field


Education: Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology

Hobbies and Interests: Fishing, snowboarding, music, art

Post baseball career plans: Counseling/psychology and coaching

Relationship status: Single and free to travel the world

Recent injuries or illnesses: No



2014-2015: New Mexico state University  (NCAA I Western Athletic Conference, IBC Guide)

2011: Treasure Valley Community College (NWAC)

2012: Mt hood Community College (NWAC)


Other baseball:

2017-2018: Newport Rams, Victoria Summer League (Australia)

2017: Mainz Athletics, German Bundesliga I

2016-2017: Gosnells Hawks, Western Australian State League

2016: Brantford Red Sox, Intercounty Baseball league

2015: Brantford Red Sox, Intercounty Baseball league

2014: Aldie Senators, Valley League

2013: Kelowna falcons, West Coast League

2012: Klamath Falls Gems, West Coast League



2014: Lowest era at NMSU since 1980 as a junior.

2011: Runner up reliever of the year NWAC


Coaching Experience:

2015, 2016: Pitching Coach, Mt. Hood CC (Profile)


2017* Mainz 2.42 7-4 12 4 0 0 89.1 75 27 24 9 64 0.225 0.94
2016-2017 Hawks 2.87 8-4 13 4 0 0 87.2 82 38 28 19 95 0.241 N/A
2015 & 2016 Red Sox 5.04 2-4 8 0 0 0 69.2 68 N/A N/A 19 58 N/A N/A
2015 New Mexico 4.37 4-7 13 0 0 0 82.1 101 59 40 33 58 N/A 1.63
2014 New Mexico 2.94 5-3 2 0 0 0 64.1 71 31 21 22 46 N/A 1.45
2014 Falcons 6.92 1-2 0 0 0 2 13 13 11 10 6 14 N/A 1.46
2013 Senators 4.79 1-3 7 0 0 1 41.1 43 27 22 18 28 N/A 1.48
2011 Treasure 2.15 7-0 N/A N/A N/A 1 54.33 46 21 13 18 37 N/A N/A


Rocky Ward – Head Coach, NMSU. Email:

“Riley is a good guy with very solid work ethic.  Great teammate and leader.  It’s been two years since I coached him, but he was 88-91 from a 3/4 arm angle with an above average slider.  He mostly pitched for me as a setup and close guy.  He will drop down sub marine occasionally, which was effective as long as he didn’t do it too much.  His velocity drops to 84-85 from side arm angle, but he did have some sink and run.  I liked him better closing out hitters with his velocity or slider than when he dropped to an angle.  He’s a laid back guy who loved the role.  I was forced to move him into a starting role late into his Senior year because of injuries to a couple of starters and he served that role very well. “

Liam Barron – Head Coach, Gosnells Hawks. Email:
Bryan Donohue – Head Coach, Mt. Hood CC. Email:


Riley would like his flights paid, accommodations provided, and a small salary to cover his living expenses. He is looking to play in the Netherlands or Italy in 2018 but is open to all offers. He has no future obligations that would require him to return home.



Phone/Whatsapp: +61 (049) 811-6839 (Aus)


Coming soon!

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