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Rupert Watson: Middle Infielder with One Year of Independent Experience Seeking Opportunity Overseas

Rupert Watson is a middle infielder out of the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2014, his sophomore season at Napa Valley Community College, Rupert won First-Team All-Conference honors as a second baseman and received a scholarship to attend Sonoma State University the following year. Sonoma State plays in the California Collegiate Athletic Association, the most successful athletic conference in the nation. Unfortunately Rupert only saw limited playing time at Sonoma State. He graduated in 2016 with a degree in Sociology. Then this past summer, Rupert received an offer to play a season of independent baseball with the Bakersfield Train Robbers in the Pecos League. In his first professional season, Rupert saw nearly 200 at-bats and batted .381 with a very impressive on-base percentage of .534.

Now that Rupert has played a season of independent ball, he is looking to continue his baseball career and see where it can take him. Rupert would like to take a chance of playing overseas and is looking for a team for the 2018 season who would be willing to cover flights, accommodations, and a monthly salary to cover living expenses. He would be a good pickup for a team in need of a solid middle infielder who can hit at the top of a lineup.


Date of Birth: May 3rd, 1993

Birthplace / Current Residence: Hayward, California/ Benicia, California

Passports Held: In Process

Dual Citizenship: No

Height and Weight: 5’10″/195lbs

Bats / Throws: Right

Primary Position(s): 2nd base, Shortstop

Secondary Position(s): 3rd base, Center Field


Education: Sociology

Hobbies and Interests: Music, basketball, and sleep

Post Baseball Career Plans: Get to the highest level of pro ball I deserve to be in, and have fun doing it

Relationship Status: I have a spouse who supports my overseas baseball career ambitions

Recent Injuries or Illnesses: None


College Ball:

2012-2014: Napa Valley College, California Community College Baseball Association – Bay Valley Conference

2014-16: Sonoma State University, NCAA Division II – California Collegiate Athletic Association


Summer Baseball:

2015: Fairfield Indians, Collegiate Woodbat League


Professional Experience:

2017: Bakersfield Trainrobbers, The Pecos League



2014: First Team All-Bay Valley Conference

2015: Indians Catch Fire, Bomber go Ice Cold in 15-4 Ballgame

2015: Indians Manage Just One Run, Swept in DH


2012 NVC 123 35 2 0 0 16 11 11 1 4 2 0.285 0.343 0.301
2014 NVC 125 40 9 0 2 14 17 18 2 1 0 0.320 0.414 0.440
2015 SSU 12 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0.083 0.083 0.083
2016 SSU 10 3 0 0 0 1 1 3 1 1 0 0.300 0.500 0.300
2017 BAK 197 75 15 0 1 33 31 34 34 14 3 0.381 0.534 0.472
Total 467 154 26 0 3 64 62 66 38 20 5 0.330 0.448 0.405


Bill Moore (Manager of the Bakersfield Trainrobbers):

Norm Thompson (Manager of the Fairfield Indians):

I am pleased to provide a testimonial for Rupert Watson whom I regard as one of the best young men I have coached in my 44 years of coaching and managing young men in baseball. Rupert came to my collegiate team 4 years ago while attending a local Jr. college and requested to tryout for the summer collegiate Indians. From the time he joined us in 2012, I could see he had something special baseball talent wise and possessed the desire and drive to accomplish those goals and other life achievements. He won the Rookie of the year that year and the following 3 seasons he was one of the most highest achievers and well respected players and leaders on the team. He set a good example for the younger players coming to us from high school and college regarding how to play the game and what it means to make a commitment. He always played hard giving 100% on the field. He learned a lot those years by listening and taking advise from the coaches we had and those he had at Sonoma State University where he played his last 2 years of college ball and earned his bachelors degree. When he joined us I considered him a 3 tool player. Although he had decent speed, fielding was ok as was his hitting he needed to improve. However, in his last 2 years with us he seemed to develop into a good 5 tool player. He learned how to use his speed on the bases more effectively, defense improved significantly at the 2 positions, 2nd base and shortstop, his hitting was more consistent and he began hitting for power at times. He is always wanting to gain more knowledge of the game to improve himself. I am prove to have contributed to the accomplishments he has made thus far.

Off the field he is a very goal oriented and focused person who has definite ideas as to what he wants to accomplish in his life personally and professionally. He possesses good leadership qualities, which would make him an asset to any organization he is involved with. He also is assertive in a positive, constructive manner and possesses good morals and values. Rupert has demonstrated that he is a very responsible person who takes his responsibilities very seriously. One thing that impressed me is that while attending college, working part time and playing baseball he was the primary caretaker for his elderly grandmother until her passing last year. I have observed him in several venues and noticed that he is compassionate, caring and always takes others feelings into consideration. In closing I would like to say that Rup, as we call him, would be an asset on the field for his team, his
teammates and the community.


Rupert is looking for a team overseas who can cover flights, accommodation, and a salary to cover living expenses. He is open to hearing all offers.



Phone/WhatsApp: +1(707)419-2190

Facebook: Rupert Watson


*These videos are old videos from 2014


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