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Europe’s Top 10 Baseball Stadiums

Baseball stadiums in Europe are a hard thing to come by. In four of my eight  years playing baseball in Europe, I have been one of the lucky ones to play at a great, modern stadium in the small town of Attnang Puchheim, Austria. However most European clubs do not have that privilege and strive to someday build their own stadium that they can be proud of.

Since the launch of this website and my journey to the depths of european baseball online, I have stumbled across some decent looking stadiums in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands to name a few. Despite never setting foot in any of these stadiums, I have to say that I am quite impressed and I am definitely going to go catch a game or two in the near future.

Also along the way, I received an email from Eric Bynum over at Baseball de World  who referred me to someone who has taken his experiences with stadiums in the U.S. to a whole new level. Paul Swaney created a website and business out of his experiences while visiting sporting events and has built a staff of 84 freelance writers to do the same worldwide. The site is called Stadium Journey and has over 1,200 reviews on stadiums large and small, predominantly in the U.S..

**Check out my review of the Armin Wolf Arena, home to the Regensburg Legionäre of Germany.**

The following slider are the top 10 European baseball parks as selected by a man who has travelled around Europe to each of these stadiums in his role behind the dish. I asked Dana Beszczynski, 2011 European umpire of the year and guest on IBC podcast episode #10, to rate his top 10 European parks based on facility, atmosphere and location. If you have a different top 10, or if you think a stadium is missing from this list, please comment below because I want to know about it!

UPDATE: A new #1 is being built in Hoofddorp Netherlands and will be able to host MLB games. Check out this youtube video on the construction and this NY times article. 


Honorable mentions:

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