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Tyler Krowiak – Switch hitting catcher looking to play in Europe for 3 months and will finance his way

Tyler Krowiak is a switch hitting catcher currently in his junior year of college (NCAA III) who is willing to finance his way to Europe to join a team for three months during the summer of 2018. He is looking in to the possibility of taking the first month of school in the fall online so he can finish a season with a club. 

In his two years of college baseball Tyler has a slashline of .300/.362/.395 and in his freshmen year was amongst team leaders in multiple offensive categories and did not commit an error the entire season. In his sophomore year he was slated to take on an even larger role but missed half the season due to an injury received from a collision at third base.

Tyler recently met an IBC coach from Florida, David Kaczmarczyk, who took him under his wing during the Christmas break, helping him to “develop as a player immensely” during the three weeks. 

Tyler is now sold on gaining more playing experience in Europe during the summer as opposed to a local summer collegiate league. Tyler is willing to do what it takes to make this happen, including working on the side and assisting with the youth program of any club that can house him. 

Any club in need of a quality catcher at a bargain for three months in 2018 is encouraged to reach out to Tyler with any expressions of interest.


Date of birth: 1996-08-22

Birthplace / Current Residence: New York

Passports held: USA

Height and weight: 5’11” / 185 lbs

Bats / Throws: Switch/Right

Primary position(s): Catcher (fastest pop 1.9)

Secondary position(s): 3rd base


Education: Business Major, Made deans list with a 3.2 GPA

Hobbies and Interests: Crossfit, fishing, golfing, hiking, meeting new people

Post baseball career plans: To own and operate his own baseball facility. To enter into real estate and eventually buy and sell businesses

Relationship status: Single and free to travel the world

Recent injuries or illnesses: Missed half of the 2017 season due to collision at third base. Suffered a minor elbow strain. Fully recovered



2015-Present: Keuka College, North Eastern Athletic Conference (NCAA)


Other baseball

2014: Frozen Ropes, NY




  • Led all freshmen with a .299 average
  • As a freshmen tied for most triples on the team (2), third most RBI (14),  tied for most runs
  • Did not commit an error in his freshman season

High School

  • First Team New York All-State (link)
  • All-Division Player
  • Helped lead the Saints to the State Championship in 2012
  • Scholar Athlete


Coaching Experience

None but willing to help out as an assistant youth coach


2017 Keuka 70 14 21 4 1 0 10 9 10 1 0.300 0.395 0.386
2016 Keuka 77 17 23 4 2 0 14 4 8 0 0.299 0.329 0.403


Dave Kazmarcyk – Professional hitting instructor, HittingItBIG Baseball.  Email:

“I met Tyler a few months ago after he contacted me in Florida about possibly getting some lessons for his right handed swing.   It has been an incredible  journey since.  Tyler is an outstanding young man.  Brilliant driven and extremely talented.  He was All state in high school and batted over .300 as a switch hitter.. This year with the work he has put in I fully expect Tyler to break school records in everything, and we have set a goal for Tyler to have the highest batting average in the league for this spring… He trains extremely hard in our workouts that consist of professional crossfit and Baseball off season training so this goal is easily within reach this season.  Tyler has a legitimate chance after college to play professional baseball.  Any team in Europe considering this young man will benefit greatly by signing him this summer and in the future.”

Rick Ferchen – Head Coach, Keuka. Email:

 “Tyler Krowiak is a catcher with good work ethics and tools to continue to become a catcher prospect.  He works very hard, year round, to continue to improve on his abilities as a catcher.  Tyler’s receiving, framing and blocking abilities are good and he continues to work to get better.  Has a strong (1.9-2.0), accurate arm to control the bases and shows good leadership behind the plate.  A legitimate switch hitter who is solid batting right but is best hitting left.  Has gap power and solid exit velocity (90) and continues to work at improving that skill as well.  Speed is above average (7.2), for a catcher and runs the bases with good instincts.  Overall a very good catcher that will continue to improve because of his work ethic and passion for the game.”


Financial arrangement: Accommodations and a job

Availability: 5/25/2018. Looking to take remaining schooling online to open up time in the fall to finish the season with a club. 

Living arrangement preferences: Apartment, shared living space with own room, dorm type setting with private bedroom

Summer playing preferences: Anywhere



Phone/Whatsapp: +1 (607) 321-4685





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